Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catch up!

Hello my dear folks!!
Mercury Retrograde hit our house hard! Is it cause I am a Gemini? Perhaps. But equipment is replaced and Internet service overhauled and the catch up begans!

Not that I wanna leave you hanging but I have been writing the next post for you'all and it was one of those things where you are looking for something to scan and you end up with an entire new rearranged room. So next on the list is a story of one of the few times I used an Ouija Board in contacting a murder victim in a ceremony to release her soul from pain and what of it? I got mental pictures I will never forget and a soul that was already at peace with where she is at thankyouverymuch. Just as this life, we can't make assumptions about the Afterlife and those that are there. Everything happens for a reason right? Even full on computer meltdowns and internet blowups.

See ya'all soon!