Monday, May 27, 2013

Lost Friends...

This was a tough weekend. Sorry if this post is a little convoluted. I had a goal to speak about my recent trip to Waverly Hills Sanitorium, which I will do in a following post this one I would like to dedicate to lost friends...of which I am sad to say are gaining in number.

 I thought about writing the Waverly post yesterday, but I couldn't bring myself to open the computer at all, which is strange, this is my lifeline to my friends and family back home. I had a bad feeling all day Sun. I called and texted and left messages with various family members, talked to others on the phone cross country. They were ok or getting check ups. Still the feeling didn't go away and honestly I was afraid to open a tab for facebook.

I had a dream Sat nigh,t I was running around with San Francisco Bay Area with friends. I was dreaming of a blonde, screwball and funny,and a red head egging us on in our antics. We were goofing off pretending to be up to no good when our hubbies caught up to us. I remember it being a dream full of fun and laughter and left me with a homesick feeling.

 I thought since I was doing some reading about Old Hollywood that I was crossing over some things in my brain from my reading and that folks I knew in this day and time were the stand ins. Sarah aka Sparkly Devil, a performer I knew from San Francisco was Carole Lombard, my friend Elissa was Tallulah Bankhead and myself, hopefully as Dolores Del Rio. These folks I was dreaming about I haven't seen since my move to Kentucky but through the wonders of the internet, we kept up with each others lives sharing photos on Instagram of Sarah's athletic feats in weightlifting and marathon running , Elissa and I starting an online group for handmade curios. I'd been so enraptured with learning and posting about my new home that to be homesick for San Francisco doesn't happen to often.

This morning I went to find my phone which after I returned from the store left in my bag, its battery dead. It was with some trepidation I plugged it in, having a feeling there was bad news in there. I listened to my messages returned from my family members that have had health issues and relieved that they were visiting a doctor. But another call from a fellow performer friend, asking if I had seen the announcement on facebook.

The very girl I had been dreaming about had passed in a car accident that very night, her husband Bones in critical condition in a coma. Upon hearing the news I cried thinking of her co-producer of their World Famous Burlesque Show, Jim Sweeney,  must have a hole the size of the San Francisco Bay in his heart. After all, we all had just lost his co-host and my old friend and  co worker, Eric, just a a couple years before. I cried for all my city friends and the pain they must feel , losing such a dynamic personality and inspiring friend. I remembered all our moments backstage, the jokes we shared and the costume and choreography tips.

I had been having talks with my husband about the amount of friends in our artistic and creative community  that we have lost in the last few years on Sat. afternoon. He met me when I was recovering when I lost my best friend Heather Oswald, my brother Rory a year later, and held me when I lost my roommate Sunny Perkins aka Mia More in another car crash a couple years after that. We all had plans to move into together, cut short by death. All these car crashes... He reminded me just this Sat. about how important it is to remember the friends we do have left.

Take care of your loved ones and friends. Stay safe and hugs and blessing to all of you.