Thursday, September 22, 2011

Navigation, setting sights.A stream of Inside thoughts.

Setting my sights to new stars and new experiences. After a while I have realized that the toil has gotten stale and it become apparent that I have outgrown the cage I have created in my mind .

While my wish for extra limbs goes ungranted , I must turn down extra projects while I catch up on the few I have started.

Time to clean house, my subconscious has been speaking loud and clear: there is a need to move forward and not to cling to the (not so) comfortable past. Only then while the thrive happen. I wish to thrive and not struggle.I wish to surround myself with the support that mirrors what I give.

Dealing with anger when friends do not meet expectations becomes a part of this. I cannot hold places in my heart for people who do not do the same. It's time to let go of outmoded feelings and move on.

This completes my first transmission.