Friday, March 16, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Review

Today is a good day , in between the normal chores to do a bit of house cleaning.Piggy backing on my last post , I continued to "clean house" mainly my old email address where I have seem to have kept some old emails, scripts, music projects all of which are a few years old.

Folders and emails deleted, trashed and moved on. I prepare a cup of coffee  to put on my Ancestor Altar. They have brought me all this way for something. A new life and a new beginning.

Instead of fighting Mercury, I will take this time to review and clean , see what works and leave behind that doesn't. This is the thing to do with the dang retrogrades as thy have a tendency to make you do it anyway. Soon I will get back to my Mom essay which I have yet to complete, right now I have to cut the threads of old attachments that are not life threads but hook that tear and bleed. Knowing that's what their meant to do , at one time, I would have felt I deserved it. But that time is passed, debt paid in full with interest.

I wonder if I'll ever be back there, beyond the visit? I don't know. Cities are like people, relationships and though I remain friend with some ex's , some are not mean't for friendship till time passes and healing happens and some growth occurs. I can't afford back there and that is why I am here. I don't feel to sore about it actually, being a native and seeing my city taken over by the rich. Sure they make some of the street pretty but I feel no ill will. I made my mark, they gave me a trophy and have the memories. I will keep but a few.

I am moving on.

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