Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside Voice has a new Focus!

Inspired by meeting new online friends in the virtual word, I have decided to change the focus of this blog.

To be honest, I should say that I have decided to give a focus to this blog. I really want to thank these folks and the direction. I have many interests and many things I like to do and able to do a few things at once. Given that is my nature , focusing is often a little hard to come by, but sometimes little things will happen, perhaps they could be called by some as omens, or synchronicity or patterns that my mind is putting to things...whatever it may be I appreciate it! It gives my brain that rush of endorphins that  tells me I am on the right path. A natural high that doesn't come from a bottle or a pill. Inspired by these requests and my new home I have decided to Blog about Ghosts and my experiences of the unexplained which could also include some brushes with the Divine as well.

So my Mom would say: "Consider the source". That's something she would say when someone says something mean, contrary to what you may believe, so that you can try to see where they are coming from. Humans are complicated beings and am as well. Some of my beliefs can sometime contradict one another. I don't really purport to "know" anything.  I was brought up in a Catholic Family that was very open-minded and allowed me to explore other people's churches and beliefs without judging them. On that same note my Aunt was a Psychic who was paid by Scotland Yard to help find missing children with her abilities. I learned how to read Tarot as a preteen and often was found doing card readings for my Mother's friends who were interested in opening business for themselves. My earliest dream was to be a Nun , I was and am still terrified of Aliens who could come grab me in the middle of the night.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with a "slight abnormality of the left temporal lobe" aka Epilepsy. I had various symptoms of this neurological disorder since I was a kid. Missing time, nausea at the sight of emergency vehicle lights and not to mention seizures of different types. The reason I explain this is that before I think anything is Supernatural I must  first address whether some of the things I could be seeing could be attributed to this. Every movie you ever see such as "The Exorcist" and "Communion" where they go to the Doctor to determine whether or not the afflicted person has Epilepsy, specifically Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. In 2010 when I found out I was pregnant I decided I wished to go off my medication in order to breastfeed my future child, and I was also nervous about the medication causing problems for my baby in utereo. I was able to visit a Neurologist who tested me and gave me assurance that I may have gotten better. Apparently the pregnancy was the best thing for me and rebooted my body, so to speak . Given this medication was extremely expensive and caused quite a bit of dept I was quite relieved. Some would say this type of medication "dulls" awareness. I could vouch for that. In my spiritual practices I could feel that it did make things harder then I remembered beforehand. When I first started the medication, I was appreciative of it taking down my sensitivity down a few notches. Now that I am a bit older and wiser I have more tools under my belt to be able to handle life and whatnot I now have practices that can help me deal with triggers.
Different folks have different triggers that can set off a seizure. It can be lights, smells, music, you name it. Learning your own triggers is invaluable.

When I was a child and I would have my "spells" , I can remember one that my mother was around for. The house across the street had a chimney fire and it seemed the whole fire dept. was there. The yellow flashing lights sent me slumping to the floor. My Mum would say "it just happens to some people , go take it easy" .
My mom explained to me about Mystics and how I could be one. I thought that was a pretty neat explanation and went on "making potions" to stop neighbours dogs from pooping on our lawn (which involved pepper) I am glad my parents gave me the space to be creative.

It's something I keep coming back to, the creative part of me. Though I excelled in school in Science in particular, certain life events steered me back to the uncharted and unknown. Perhaps this is a lengthy introduction but often the seed of these experiences start in youth. It is said that in some cultures it is believed that children are more pure (as if they just came from the source) and as we get older we lose some of that ability. I feel that that could be the case but experience teaches us to be able to communicate our experiences. So as I go along I will try to go a little in order of when I experienced them, just to put a little order into this chaos of my memory. Maybe I will remember something new,perhaps maybe something I "missed" the first time around. For that I am hoping for the mundane and not scary Aliens! Ha ha!

Till then....

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