Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent events..

Not all paranormal events are scary. In fact since it seems that everyday is Memorial Day for me I thought I would take the moment to post something a little light before I delve back into the more hair raising stories that I have experienced.

In fact this is something that happened in the last few days! A special treat, a very recent and still developing Ghost story.

First a little background: I recently moved to Louisville, Kentucky from the San Francisco Bay Area for my husband works as a Beer Brewer and they were opening a new brewery in a restaurant in the downtown area for him to run. When researching the possible places to move in Louisville I was quite drawn to the Old Louisville neighbourhood , almost 50 square blocks of old Victorian Homes from the castle-like to the more "middle-class". In fact it is one of the largest Historical Districts in the country.And since I lived in 2 other Victorian enclaves San Francisco and Alameda in California, I thought I would feel a little less homesick. Homes that in San Francisco that would go for millions but here are actually affordable and living in a Victorian is possible here. To note the motto for Louisville is "It's Possible here" which I really like, having lived at below poverty level for the last few years it was a welcome idea that we could improve our lot. The difference with these homes then in the SF Bay Area is that the neighbourhood associations have a precedent on keeping things historical so all but a couple exceptions are as they were back in the day. A truly awesome experience for those of us who like the idea of walking in the past.

Another difference that is overwhelming yet welcoming to the eye is that most of the houses are made of brick and built on limestone foundations. This is very important for it is believed or theorized that limestone and brick have this ability to hold energy and often of the Ghostly variety and are easily imprinted in the case of residual hauntings. Add the fact that they are frequent thunder and lightening storms to bring up the energy for spirits to manifest and you get the perfect recipe for hauntings!

In further research I discovered that there was a local Writer, Chef and Ghost story collector who had written quite a few books about the old neighbourhood including 3 dedicated to the hauntings in the area.  I found that he, David Domine, has a couple pages on facebook as well as started a Ghost Walk of the Old Louisville 'hood. In Oct. he hosts a Victorian Ghost walk where his books come to life as actors, people who live in Old Lou , dress up and tell the stories to the folks as they follow the route in his books. What struck me as extra special and different is the respect to the neighbourhood , stories and Spirits that was evident in the books, and in attending the tours. I do have a problem with places that take advantage of tragedies that occur with in their walls, telling the story's and thoughtful re-enactment are a great way to experience history but in some cases it can go too far and actually torture the lost souls that are stuck there for eternity. Even as a skeptic David treats the subjects with respect. After all the unknown is still just that and who knows exactly what that is that goes bump in the night? I feel it is best to find the most logical explanation for things firsts so that when you have exhausted all other possibilities what's left over just might be miraculous!
I picked up a copy from the Old Louisville Visitor's Center on S. 4th St. as soon as I got here. I had devoured the other two books from the local library and was eagerly wanting to read the book that started it all and including his own account of owning a haunted house. I also wondered if the house we are living in happens to be included and sure enough in Chapter 11. There was the story of the Widow Hoag who haunts Fountain Court. waiting for her lost son to come home from WWII. It is said that she lived in the 3rd floor of one of the two sister mansions on the corner. Oh! I thought we live on the 3rd floor of one such mansion! I decided to keep my eyes peeled for any wandering widows.

Now really a few months have gone by without incident other then the squirrels and birds that have managed  make nests inside the walls of my bedroom, sometimes we hear them scratching. Even my dog has gotten used to be woken up by the hungry young. A harsh tornado warning storm took some siding of a non brick part of the turret so they are able to hide in the cracks from the golf ball size hail that dumped itself on us one spring night. Our building is taking a kinda of Addam's Family look to it since the maintenance  guy is often m.i.a. but it does add to the spook factor.

One afternoon as I was putting my Little One down for a nap on our bed, I and my Pom dog Noemi decided to rest a bit and do a little reading when I heard the floor boards creak. Huh. I thought now I have heard the house settle and all sort of other things but it actually sounded as if someone was walking towards the bedroom from the kitchen. I thought that perhaps my hubby had come up the back staircase fire escape instead of coming through the front door. I thought I'd be quiet since I didn't want to wake the baby and it sounded as if the walker was doing the same. I waited for my husband to appear but he never did. I checked the text I received on my phone and it was apparent he was still at work. We were alone.

Later that evening after the baby had awoke from her nap and my husband now home, I was searching high and low for my anti-itch cream. The mosquitoes of Kentucky had sure done a number on me and my whole upper arm was quite red and swollen and hard to keep from itching it into a raw mess. I specifically put the Cortisone on a  high shelf in the bathroom to that the baby couldn't get into it. When I went back there and not found it I though perhaps it had been moved by my husband or fallen. After checking with him I started looking under the tub and under the sink. Jokingly I remarked "Hey Creaky Mc Creakerson's I really could use that lotion right about now can I have it back please?" and moved into the next room to continue my search. As I lowered myself down to look underneath my antique vanity I looked up back into the bathroom, Lo! There was the bottle in the centre of the bathroom floor where nothing was before!

I laughed ,"Thank you,that was fast, I appreciate it!" I called out. Either my house is host to little people or something is trying to get my attention. I ran to the kitchen to tell D all about it.

There is still a matter of some Oil of Olay lotion missing, but maybe I should take it as a compliment that I don't need anti aging cream just yet , well according to the Creakersons! I figure that it has had a much more mundane fate. That lotion was actually on the bathroom counter and I believe that perhaps my daughter has relocated it to somewhere much more convenient like the bottom of the hamper!

The following day the Babe , Dog and I were in the front room and she started to bark at towards the front door. I figured that dogs ear being much more sensitive was probably picking up some sound in the building. Perhaps a neighbour was downstairs or something was making some noise I couldn't hear, I got up and thought about checking the mail and once again shush the dog. Before I could open my mouth I heard a "Shush!" in our hallway by the water closet! I couldn't help myself but busted out laughing! "Ok , Noemi you are even bugging the ghost!" It was the best most hearty laugh I had that day.

I really don't know if it the Widow Hoag or some playful Elemental nature spirits are having a bit of fun with me but its par for the course here in the historical homes of Old Louisville.I'm not exactly ready to bust out any evp equipment to ask either just yet.

 I dare say this is one super amazing neighbourhood and worth a visit if not an awesome place to live (save those dang mosquitoes). Come on over and see us sometime, we'll give you a tour!

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