Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yesterday was one of those days..and today is too!

It was one of those days I seriously felt like I should be wearing special robes, seated over a pit of noxious gases predicting the fate of the Classical Universe.
In astro terms Saturn sextile Mercury so it made for an interesting punch through the Mercury Retrograde blahs...everywhere I turn insight was in my face and it made for some very interesting paranormal action around the homestead.

I am taking an online course and one of our teachers had to step out for a moment and we got to chatting about the synchronistic (is that even a word? Well it is today!) events, that keep happening around us. In a group of talented sensitive folks what is really great is for folks like myself that spend a lot of time helping others with Spiritual challenges is that when I have them myself, I am at a loss for words! Putting it out there, whether in a funny posts on facebook, a but tamer because I do consider the audience, then I would write here, I received a bevy of really helpful replies concerning whether I had considered this or that. I find it is really helpful because my varied reader base can chime in and point out things I hadn't considered.

I couldn't help but to give out "readings" all yesterday, hence feeling like the oracle of Delphi. Even my horoscope alerted me to that it would be a day of intense spiritual insight and my head would be in the clouds. They weren't kidding! I take a lot of horoscopes with a grain of salt, just because we are made of so much more then just our sun sign and there is a lot more to go into that (rising and moon sign for example) that can have more of an effect on our day. It also said to "write things down"  as I am attempting now. I know I will sound a little nutty, but we all have our days!

My eyes feel a little more strained and yes I will see an eye doctor , I am due..but strained in a way , that funny way you do when you look at those pixilated pictures and a 3-D image pops out. My ears are ringing, I'm a little light headed and the Universe is throwing these things out left and right. If my grammar and usage and spelling is wack, I plead this. Forgive me, this will pass.

Last night I was answering a message from a friend who was feeling the need to send some encouragement my way and bless him for that. He too is familiar with the fish out of water of moving to , back too and away from all you know and he is making headway on some new music. That invigorated me as I was just think this is the longest performing break I have ever had in my life and that includes being pregnant and birthing a baby! It is needed, however, I have had a serious backlog of ideas of creative things to get out, paintings to finish, jewelry made for sale that needs to be listed, the aforementioned online courses. You will be better then ever, he told me and I thought, what an awesome vote of encouragement. If he can do it in his new town, I am sure I can do something in the Bluegrass state!

 In spite of all the fuzzy kismet going on there was something else a brewing..I was at the time looking away from the computer when my facebook page decides on its own to go to my "Ancestors" photo album and got to my Aunt Pat's picture and opened up into viewer. There she was at our old kitchen table with a big smile on her face. My Aunt Pat is the topic of one of my first blogs on her as she is the one who first contacted me after her passing. She is the the first person I had the idea of painting her portrait with her ashes, the inspiration for looking into the unseen world.
I hit "print" and printed out the picture. All this time I kept wondering what would be the right picture and I felt like I hadn't found it yet. It was there all along. "Git on withet Lassie!" I could imagine her saying in her Scottish brogue.

Thankfully this was par for my course today, I had a bit of a forewarning when my Teacher said that in Native American culture Dragonflys can be the dead and warn you of danger. It seems in this last week everywhere I went, I was bumping into large Dragonflys. Another student was having similar experiences that  when I felt the fog roll over and I got out my books and started looking up info on Dragonfly medicine and what it can teach us "get near some water, a river" and other lessons. Her partner just like my husband had been talking about spending some time in the outdoors. There are so many amazing rivers and lakes here..."hello!! Ohio river!" Yes, we need to get out in nature, that will help us feel more connected! There is always something to be said for fresh air too.

I have been upping the discipline these days concerning spiritual practice.After the spookiness of recent events of my house (the last few blogs!) it has really reminded me of the responsibilities of taking the utmost care of our Ancestors and Guardians. Food offerings, water and incense have all been freshened with more regularity and dressed candles , more frequent "sage-ing" and boy can I tell you my house smells nice? Wow it feels much better around here!

My hubby got up early for work today and was getting his coffee ready when he heard the door down the hall squeak. He looked down and saw the art room/ Spiritual room was open and figured I was in there getting something before the baby woke up. This is the baby off limits room where we keep our music,books and breakables, as well as my Ancestor & Orisha Altars etc.
 He then jumped into the shower, when he got out the door was closed and got a sense of Deja Vu, and then stopped by the bedroom to kiss us good bye before he left. Later I received a text asking if I had been up and went into the room in the morning, I wrote him back "no, I hadn't" and didn't get up till after he left. I had noticed that Calliope this morning woke up giggling as if someone was tickling her. She has been spending the last couple days looking up towards no one in particular , well that we can see,and laughing, playing a bit of chase.

How interesting , I thought! There is another unexplained thing, Well considering where we live , this is hardly  unusual for this neighbourhood!

I got my "answer" when this very morning on the couch I heard "She looks just like you when you were little" and without thinking I said aloud " I know , right?" and then realized I was talking out loud to my Aunt Pat.

Now its time to get off the box and into the paintbrushes, I have Ancestors and Angels to paint and Doll Baby Guardian Juju's to finish!

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