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Part 2 : My own "Psychic Emergency"

Part 2

I broke this into two parts as it is a current happening and things are still unfolding. As I was writing the first part, I seemed to get a little light headed then normal and have to go over and re read my writing and make sure it was all there. Not a bad idea anyway, I can't expect to get all my typos or grammatical errors and I hope, Dear Readers, you will forgive me on that one. What can I say...I left college to pursue a professional singing career and writing song lyrics does not entail the laws of grammar, or spelling.

But I digress and the Grammar Police hasn't fined me yet, so let's move on shall we? If this story wasn't weird enough, or able to be passed off as hysteria or , hallucinations or anything else I could think of to explain away the unknown to make it more palatable for that rational side of my brain. What my friend's experienced kinda through that out the window.

I woke up after the night of seeing the image of Red Tara turning beneath my closed eyes, hearing her Mantra being spoken and  feeling better. I consulted my best friend Tsering and let her know what I saw and when. Since it was something I don't normal see when I close my eyes, I made mental notes of it as it was unusual for me. Other then my friend's involvement, I do not have my own experiences with Buddhism, and I certainly appreciate all their help as they have much experience with dealing with the unseen world. 6000+ years experience!

She remarked to me that it was really good I saw the Mantra and that seeing it turning was a very good sign, she remarked that it was something that folks strive for when doing these practices and that it was really good that I saw that. I have to admit that made me feel very special I was able tap in and experience something that I knew so little about, it had given me comfort and I knew it was working. The brownish -black mass I had seen had recoiled into the upper corner of my room when it was happening and I knew it was working and my child slept through the night.

It turned out a good thing I made note of the time, at the time I heard and saw the practice, our other co-admin Alastair was doing the Red Tara protection on our behalf. The fact , I saw it and heard him was remarkable. Alastair and I have a very similar life experience, at least in our youth. We both had things happen in our upbringing that were hard and most notably a seizure disorder that went into remission when we had children. I feel like we are related somehow. In their practice they can find out such things, where a soul has been reborn and how folks have been related in previous lifetimes. I have a great respect, appreciation and am in awe of their practices. Especially now that I have experienced some of it first hand!

I communicated to Alastair via message that I had felt the practice and what transpired and how our house felt. They were in agreement with Tsering's idea that this was some sort of Scottish type elemental and that it was very attracted to my daughter. What had I been doing in the past weeks where attention was drawn to her , had we visited anywhere had strangers remark on her appearance?

As a matter of fact we had. We had our first weekend outing to the Ren Faire in Eminence , Ky. Many folks had remarked about "our beautiful little Royal " in her stroller. Could we have gotten the attention of something else beside the faire workers that decided to follow us home? This was reported to be the first year that their was a enclave of Fairy folk there as well. In Scottish and Welsh lore I have heard it is "back luck" to remark on the beauty of a child.

  In many cultures there are beliefs and superstitions that one should protect their baby from too much praise. This can get the attention of certain beings who , as many folks may have read in fairy tales of changeling children and the creatures that like to swap out said beautiful children for one of their own. It ranges anywhere from Lilith , the basis for Lullaby song, which was" Lilith go away" at one time, to Boogeymen, elves and Fairys.

 Adam's 1st wife Lilith was purported to be accused of stealing babies. In some interpretations of ancient Hebrew texts that expand on the stories of Genesis (The Zohar ) God had worked for some time creating a wife for Adam. God put him to sleep and split his feminine nature into wife Lilith , his equal. Head strong and preferring the superior position during sex, she was outcast, but not without learning God's sacred name and getting some wings in the bargain. She flew out to the Red Sea and bearing many of her own children from visitations from Adam (basis for the Succubi stories) or in some stories Samael (basis for Satan) and alienating him from his 3rd and well known wife Eve, who had some run-in herself with Samael bearing Cain. It is said Lilith is pretty sore for just being a smart woman and is the inspiration for strong woman everywhere.

For many years and well into the middle ages amulets were made bearing the names of 3 Angels that could scare Lilith off and protect children.
For more information on Lilith's story visit :

In Scottish /Welsh culture there are different child stealer beings , like the Water Kelpie , I talked about in a previous blog:

and my current suspect , who I called "Mr. Grunty" seems to come from Scottish and or Welsh Lore. That have many descriptions that fit down to the brown cloak. In researching the different names of such beings, I would find a website only to not be able to find it again after putting in the same information in Google.
Who knew they could be elusive , even on the internet!

In any case I did find a catch all on the subject on the the ever popular Wikipedia:

Apparently every culture has a changeling story and unfortunately they all don't end well. Some have used it as a defense for hurting others or as an explanation for deformities. Perhaps back in the day it was a popular explanation for Colic or the "Terrible Two's"?
  • After I posted "Part 1" to our Psychic Emergency page, Alasdair who did the practice for us sent this in response. In his own words he describes that our unwelcome guest made itself at home all the way in Oregon. (For those that may not know, I live in Kentucky!) 

    "Cool Angelique! This is Alasdair and it has been a strange couple of weeks. I think it was really interesting that you could pick up on the mantra visualization from the Red Tara practice I did for your family. There is a whole section of t...he practice during which the mantra revolves and emits light. The entity in your house was very strong and it is was easy to see why your family was so frightened. The day after I focused energy on your house and did this practice and suggested you leave out plastic king cake babies as an appeasement offering, I noticed money missing from a closed box in my home. Next to the box were two of the plastic king cake babies that I was planning on sending you along and other objects near the box had been pushed over and messed up. The king cake babies were previously in a silver dish on a shelf with some ghost money on top. None of the remaining babies or the ghost money had moved at all. I took this as evidence that we had got the spirit's attention (and now it had mine :) ). Another incident might be attributable to neighborhood children or squirrels involved an offering I left outside for the spirit on your behalf until I sent you the plastic babies. I put a plastic baby, a piece of candy, and a coin in a dish and left it on my porch railing. It disappeared, but I later found it on the bottom right corner of the lowest stair leading up to my apartment. Everything was still in the dish (although the candy had melted the coin and baby to the metal dish). I hope things are better now."

    I received the aforementioned king cake babies in the mail. For those not familiar with what a King Cake baby is , it is a tiny plastic baby that is baked into a bundt style cake made for different cultural celebrations. A cake is made and a party is given, the person who receives the slice with the baby in it is required to host a party the following year. 

    I then made a batch of Sour Cream Muffins and before putting the muffin pan in the oven I inserted one of the babies into the biggest muffin. After they cooled my little family got ready for a walk around our neighbourhood to a certain tree that I knew would be a perfect spot for the offering.

    This tree is on the other side of Central Park from my house on 6th & Park in Old Louisville, it is actually just a few steps from "The Witch's Tree" whose story was told in David Domine's books on the ghosts of Old Louisville.  I talk about his books , my house and some of the previous happenings here:

    This photo was taken in the early spring, now it is almost completely covered in vegetation and an orb weaving spider has made her home right in the centre of the fairy door. Even in the day it looked spooky. My hubby had carried the muffin over and as he held it in his hand I took a look around to make sure no one could hear me. I called out to the being and plainly said:

    "Mr Grunty or whomever you are, we wish to make you an offering of this special cake with a baby in it, should you wish to continue to receive offerings , you are to stay away from our home and our daughter. Thank you"

    Then my husband tossed the muffin baby cake into the hole and we continued our walk.

    So far so good, and we make sure to spiritually cleanse our house more often, which is just a little sweeter smelling then a regular house cleaning but a bit more thorough. Burning sage every couple days, Florida Water and Patchouli for protections and floor washes for a start. 

    Another friend and faculty member from my online school "Crossroad University", Madrina Angelique also sent me a recipe for child safe protective spiritual baths with lavender. With the help of my online community we were able to get Spiritual help for our night terrors.

    Some links for further study , goods and readings:

    and our Psychic Emergency page:

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