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Artist Spotlight: Evelyn Abston- Modern Day Renaissance Woman

I met Evelyn, through my old job and come to think of it, I wrote about her for our company newspaper as well! I remember when I took her photo, she wore my hat and a long appreciation of her positive nature started that day. We showed our artwork together and recognized a kindred soul in the retail world that often lacks it, a beacon of light for those seeking help AND understanding. One of my favourite days at work is when she told me she could see that I was part Fae. I knew then she could see through all the layers of worldliness I had wrapped like a cloak for my own protection and see the bit of my feral soul peeking out.  I found out, that like me she was more of a Da Vinci type. Some folks may know her for one thing, but crack open that notebook and there are 50 other inventions she is working on and will complete. Instead of lamenting about being a super focus Mozart type, she embraces the ability to multitask her artistic expression whether she is putting out a new cd or a series of mixed media artwork. Below our interview, she included the inspirations behind some of her hand chosen pieces. I love to hear the "behind the artwork" stories of the artwork. Thank you Evelyn for sharing your healing light!

Evelyn Abston, Modern Day Renaissance Woman

 How do you describe what you do?
I see myself as a modern day Renaissance Woman. I sing, I play the Guitar, Keyboard and the Bowed Psaltery. I paint with watercolor and acrylics. I create 3D multi-media pieces with Rhinestones, glitter, metallic paints; I am a TV producer that focuses on topics of the care and wellbeing of animals. I also work with Reiki energy and acupressure and I like to utilize all the gifts that God gave to me. I like to create my art with the assistance of my animal and spiritual guides. They always inspire me helped direct me in my art.                  

 How do you receive your inspirations?
My inspiration comes in different forms. Sometimes I will see a shape or a picture that urges me to work with that image as a starting point. For instance, one of the works I have included is titled “Alchemy Woman”. It is a 3D art piece. The female figure is from an actual marketing postcard I liked. When it is time to do another piece, I will feel a tingling sensation on the top of my head and the current runs through my arms. This is the moment I know my guides are gently telling me “it’s time to work”.  Actually I can also phrase it “it’s time to play”. On a side note many times when I am writing the word job, I have a tendency to spell it joy first. I see anything I do as joy. So it is not really a job, it is a joy.

 When did you first notice your connection to the Spirit World?
My family always had experiences with spirits. I would hear stories from my uncle about his visits with friends who made their transition. My Grandmother on my Mother’s side shared with me a story that her father was visited by his friend who came back so he could tell his friend’s son where there was some money hidden. His friend said that his son would have been afraid if he tried to visit him. When I was 8 years old, I was playing outside and happened to see the neighbor’s wife working in her garden. She was perfectly solid. When I relayed that to my Mother, she said I couldn’t have seen her because she had died 2 weeks prior. I had a brother who had died when I was 5 years old. Until the time I was 30 he would visit me in my dreams to see how I was doing. One time when my husband David and I had taken his Grandmother to visit my Grandfather at the cemetery, Laura couldn’t remember where he was buried. I asked Giovanni, David’s Grandfather to help us and he told me telepathically where he was. I know spirits are all around me and it is comforting. I always feel safe.

 If you feel comfortable, can you share your faith or path with us?
My personal cosmology is that we are all connected to each other whether we are in a human body or a spirit body. There is no separation. We may not always be able to hear as clearly to spirit but that is because we have more dense energy that may filter out our communication. I also believe that what thoughts we focus on is what we create in our world. I was having a conversation with a friend at lunch the other day and said that the more we focus on how we want the world to change you will start seeing the changes. If we aren’t seeing the changes as quickly as we would like, it could be because other things still have to take place before the change is here. The spiritual philosophy I follow is called the Science of Mind. This philosophy was founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes. He wanted this philosophy to be offered in the colleges for people to improve our lives. The basic foundation for this philosophy is “Whatever you think about in your mind is what you will produce in your physical life. I know what I am focusing on by what shows up in my life. If I am having challenging experiences I will take a deep breath in then put my hand over my heart and the first question I ask myself, what am I thinking? Then the second question I ask is how do I want my life to feel like? The answer is usually “Joy”, then I will ask myself what does this Joy look like? And my life becomes joyful again

 How does this faith/path express itself through your art?
When I start visualizing the idea of what I want to create, then I will meditate and see how the stream of thought manifests. If I can visualize it, I can create it.

 How can you be contacted about your work from interested collectors?
I do have a website and it is
People can also contact me by email because I don’t have all my art on my website.

Alchemy Woman:
I got the design of the woman from a marketing postcard. It has butterflies, gold hearts, 3D flowers. I love changing the elements from paper, beads, glitter and metal into something new. We can all change our environment’s, lifestyles into what we wish to create; All we have to do is visualized and focus. It manifests.

Moon is one of our 4-legged kids we adopted when we thought she was 2 years old. The Vet said she older than that. We think she is probably about 13 years now. She has the most amazingly, expression olive colored eyes. When we first adopted her, she did not feel comfortable being held or picked up. She was a rescue who stayed in a cage most of her life when we adopted her. We knew that it may take some time to know she was safe with us. We let her find that out for herself. 3 years ago while I was watching TV she jumped on the couch and for as long as she was living with us I said if she wanted to sit on my lap to take a nap that would be fine with me. I had been saying this since she started living with us. This time she moved her head to one side like she was thinking and then started to get on my lap! Since then she will get on my lap and go to sleep. I can also pick her up now and kiss her on the head and I hear her purr.

My 17 year old passed in 2007; His name was Nicholas, but we all called him Nicki. He was special to me because of how he came into my life. I was in my second marriage and we were contemplating adoption. One of the names I picked out if we adopted a boy was Nicholas. I happened to meet Nicholas when I was looking at the cats up for adoption; his name was Nicholas. I didn't see his face because he was huddled in the back of the kennel. When I told my ex about the cat he said, maybe you need to adopt him. I thought that was strange because he didn't really want us to adopt any more cats we already had 2 cats. But I contacted the rescue group and we picked him up a week later. When the lady presented him to me, I was startled. His eyes looked exactly like my other beloved tabby that died of feline aids. I missed my Oscar. He was my buddy, my pal, my quiet counselor. When he died at 5 years old, I never really stopped missing him I remember saying to him. I know you are still here but I’m still seeing you physically. When I saw Nicholas, I knew this was Oscar. He was my gift.

Woman Buddah:
This painting came to me when I was visualizing colors. I love the oranges and reds they denote Creativity and the spark of life. I added rhinestones to bring out the radiance. She holds the key to abundance and wisdom. When I need inspiration I can look at her and the stream of creative consciousness starts flowing.

The Multi-Colored SunFlower:
A wonderful friend was having a health challenge with the cells in his body changing. I designed the Sunflower with healing colors. I always see the sunflower as a symbol of wholeness. Later I found out this was his favorite flower and he hung it over his bed. In the painting I had added black tourmaline, selenite and blue kyanite. To activate the healing energies, I performed a healing ceremony with my guides and my friend’s guides. 

The Pink Sun:
I had a business acquaintance that was having a heart challenge. I created this 3D wellness card and blessed it with the healing energy of joy and love. The sun was a watercolor design I layers.

The Blue Cup:
I love creating coffee cups whether I am doodling, painting or putting them into my 3D art projects. Coffee to me is a symbol of creative stimulation, abundance, warmth, coziness. I have to admit when i was younger I didn't like the taste of coffee. When I turned 20 I thought drinking coffee would denote adulthood so I learned to like it. My favorite coffee is Peets Major Dickason.

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