Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Madrina Angelique : Crossroads Mamma!

Madrina Angelique (along with the very talented Denise Alvarado) are one of my teachers for the online school I attend called Crossroads University. ( ) This is where I and other students learn all about Hoodoo, which is to say a working with the roots & herbs, as well as a good dose of history in the American Indian and African American Traditions. With classes that offer caveats such as kits and online chats to go with these classes such as "Indian Spirit Hoodoo-Working with Black Hawk", "The Spiritual Traditions of Marie Laveaux", "Foundations of Southern Rootwork 1-3", Foundation in New Orleans Voodoo 1-3" and "Doll Baby Conjure"  one can get their fill and then find some more to study. Being in a new town and state and away from all that I know I found this community a fulfilling one in continuing my Spiritual Education. (Stay tuned to that website if interested I saw that they are also adding more classes in the future as well!) I found a home in their online community.

I was lucky to win a beautiful raffle created by Madrina of a portable altar for La Santisma Muerte or Holy Death. She is what some call a "Folk Saint" that is a Saint that people recognize and asked for help and prayers, but is not recognized by the Official Catholic Church.

 Madrina Angelique's etsy page is also a great place where I have purchase great quality Red Palm Oil ( a must for folks with Elegua or Eshu residing in their homes) as well as handcrafted Florida Water that smells so amazing (without that alcohol chemical smell some commercial products have), along with the La Santisma Muerte Oil and Water. I have also taken advantage of various specials in readings when I need some outside advice. I found that by doing these by email is especially helpful as I have the reading to refer back to when I need to and it isn't coloured by my own note taking. If you are interested, her contact information is below.

She also makes custom handcrafted Spirit dolls as well as charged Eleguas' that I know he is proud of!
Devotional Doll

Copper Elegua

Madrina Angelique also teams up with Denise Alvarado to write affordable books in which I highly recommend : Crossroads Mamas' 105 Spiritual Baths for Every Occasion   and Workin' in Da Boneyard. both are available on website below. You can find them on Amazon of course but I suggest going to the source or joining the Creole Moon Book club where you get these in downloadable form (a book a month plus weekly exclusive articles for a $6 subscription!)

Madrina Angelique

How do you describe what you do?
I am an initiated Santera and Palera but I think of myself as a Rootwoman. 

How do you receive your inspirations?
I receive many inspirations from nature, the spirit world and people. 

When did you first notice your connection to the Spirit World?
When I was 2 years old. I saw a skeleton dancing back and forth across my doorway with a top hat and cane. I remember getting a spanking for lying when I told everyone about it. It wasn't until years later that I saw Baron Samedi in a book and knew that was who I saw. 

If you feel comfortable, can you share your faith or path with us?
I see myself as eclectic with some tradition. Spirit is always with us, not matter where it comes from. 

How does this faith/path express itself through your art?
It's all I do. I craft for the spirits. I try and let the world see through their eyes. 

How can you be contacted about your work from interested collectors? and


  1. Nice article, I think Madrina is underestimated in some respects, and her artistic ability is one. I feel blessed to call her my friend.

    1. Thank you so much! I have found that it is hard to speak of oneself too so I try to add a little more to the interview so that folks can be aware of all that she does. I would love to interview you as well when you get a chance, I can send the questions over :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!