Monday, January 7, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Whitney Hall Rawls: Explorer of the Subconcious!

The internet can be a magical doorway to communion with like souls that otherwise you may have never met. For some of us now in new towns it is a godsend for meeting like minds. Such is the case with this installment of Artist Spotlight.  Whitney Hall Rawls is a self- employed artist out of Georgia. Her jewelry pieces I had drooled over on posts I got on the internet before finding out who made the fanciful Day of the Dead frames and my personal fave, a skull necklace with garnet and blue goldstone.

 Not only does she craft beautiful jewelry pieces and frames you can grace your Ancestor altar with but also rarer and practical: tobacciana pipes. I am a long ceased smoker but I can sure appreciate the uses of a beautifully crafted piece of practical art. I deem things that you can use in everyday situations as “practical”. It reminds me of being a teen when I would put together and decorate ceremonial and decorative Native American pipes.

Besides working with some of my favourite motifs like skulls and bones, Whitney’s etsy page is a feast for the eyes of a rock n mineral lover. Today being “Old Rock Day” this is the perfect day to post where you can find a wonderfully crafted quartz point collar or bracelet. Her use of garnet and coral, two great blood enhancers and love drawer the spiritual and magical possibilities of her pieces should be noted.

Without further ado, let us get to the words of our subject,
Introducing Whitney Hall Rawls:

“My art is inspired by whimsy, folk culture, and the illusive muse. As art is a passion that has many forms of expression, I find myself driven to try every form and mode of artistic endeavor, whether it be in the form of handcrafted gemstone jewelry, tobacciana, or three dimensional nichos and figures. I want to try everything.

How do I receive my inspirations? Well, I have always been stimulated by the unfamiliar. I need as much scope for the imagination as possible. I crave it; the exploration of sub cultures, ancient art, and the subconscious desire to breathe life into seemingly inanimate materials.

I come from a long line of sturdy Irish stock. It seems as though the women in my family are extraordinarily sensitive to the supernatural. We hear things no one else hears, and we see thing that no one else sees. The concept of the existence of a veil that separates the physical world and the spirit world seems more probable when I recount a lifetime of bizarre experiences.

When I create a piece of art, in whatever form I choose, I literally feel as though I am putting part of myself in the object. Whomever purchases my creations, will carry a little piece of me with them.
At the present time I have an Etsy page I named Moontang13. I can be contacted through that site, or by email at”

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