Monday, January 14, 2013

Dream a Little Dream of Haunted Houses?

So my dear friends, while I wait on other Artists to get back to me , I will take a breather from the Artist Spotlights to talk about dreams and dream work. I actually started this posting some time ago and saved it as a draft and it got lost during the frantic holiday season. I started a couple personal posts and wanted to insert a little of my self back in my blog and a little bit of the supernatural happenings that despite me writing about others, has not slowed down an iota!

My dreams have been off the hook lately! Even more so since moving. So vivid and clear and clearly helping me work out something. Sometimes they involved other people or online friends who I hope don't mind that I have to plug up their  inbox with my latest cooky night-time adventure.

 I have reoccurring dreams of clearing haunted houses, motels and theatres, and I mean like the Amityville bleeding walls type, with doors a banging  and windows flying open. Haunted hotels with screechy demons and things flying about. I am never scared but uncomfortable, I have a job to do, I have to clear this house. Over and over I recite the Lord's prayer , even when they try to trip me up and make me forget it. I think that it is really helpful they had us do the rosary in school so much, it actually helped me feel safer in the dream world. And even when I was feeling doubtful or skeptical the entitystill seem to respond to the prayer. (Perhaps next time to test my lucid dreaming , I will bring a rosary just to help with the remembering of the prayer in case they try to throw me off again)

Most recently in a dream I was in a beautiful home , with winding stair cases (as an aside the friend of mine who has the dream page posted a photo of a stair case that looked very much like the one in my dream-I haven't told her the weird connection yet but she will trip when she reads this!) and that I was there to clear the house. My sister friend Tsering (my aforementioned Buddhist best friend/Sister )was there and we were in a dorm all there for our powers I guess..I went to do a clearing and a huge ball of energy , like an orb, flew into the room, it was beautiful, opalescent lavender and pink and it flew to me and landed in my hand lighting up my wedding ring and making the stone it is glow like it did. I then knew that my job was done and that I wasn't supposed to clear what was there. It had somehow blessed me and I remember gathering my stuff and leaving.

The next morning Tsering called me and I told her about the dream of the beautiful house. She then related her dream of a Buddhist Monastery where she was a Nun taking refuge till she healed and told me about the Orb she saw that visited which was the Dalai Lama and described what she saw was so similar to my own dream! I was happy to share a healing moment with her and we often have dreams for each other.

She had a recent dream that had me as a Voodou healer where I cleansed her and channeled the colour pink and blue and she heard the name Ochun. Ochun is the Yorubian goddess of love and beauty and Ezurlie Freda is the Vodou counterpart, some would say. Although I study and have been initiated into the Yorubian traditions of Lukumi or Ocha de Regala (Santeria to some) I often have Voodou dreams for reasons I am still trying to learn, perhaps this is my Astral self's work. She, not having much focused knowledge of the Vodou traditions, which Lwa prefers which colour,I was excited about the her recall of the dream as I could , in my limited knowledge know what she was dreaming about. 

She had another Voodoo dream and in this one she was undergoing a healing, and I was present. She said we were working in a secretive place where some Priestess was buried who was helping with the healing. She described the Ancestor as having lighter toned caramel skin and longer hair. I jolted knowing that I had just learned that Voodoo Queen Marie Laveaux was actually buried in a secret location and not the tomb that most folks visit her at just the day before she related this dream and her description matched Madame Laveau.

 Now mind you, my friend describes these rituals in great detail not knowing what it is she describing and hoping it makes sense to me. She describes places I know of, such as an island that a friend of mine had invited us for an Oggun ritual near NOLA a few years back. I mention that and she says "that is the name I heard, Oggun. There was use of quartz crystal points in which a priestess blew breath into  them and thus rang the bells of Native American traditions and Medicine in my mind.Historically these traditions had been known to have enfolded and enhanced one another and became the practical basis of the practices known hoodoo. She then describes people who are friends of a friend, that I know I haven't discussed with her or spoke of since the trip fell through. 

We , as a group and this Ancestor pulled at areas of her body and removed a "demon"  or something residing in her that made her ill, removing it and some of the damage it has caused. I find this all so fascinating, this is the second dream where I participated or worked on healing her in this fashion.  Also interesting is the areas we are working on are the area's "governed" so to speak by my ruling Orisha Ochun.  For some reason in the dreams these energies overlap and names are used for one another. Something that we wouldn't do in the waking world. Perhaps it is a way for giving us clues? 

There was also a message from these Lwa on being more vegetarian and them being so as well, as a part of this healing, which is something she and I discuss at length in our personal journeys as Spiritual workers with each other in our different paths.

If you would like more info on I highly suggest Louis Martinie's Book "Talking to God with Food-Questioning Animal Sacrifice" which is  has been a great comfort to me for many reasons. I do not have the initiation of the knife, which is needed for properly feeding the Orisha's these types of ebbo's or offerings (usually only needed for dire cases) and my own personal feeling that I have taken part in enough animal death. I understand its purpose and that the meat feed the congregation, something in Haiti or Africa is much harder to come by then in America, and a boon for a congregation needing the sustenance . I personally have taken many containers of well cooked and seasoned Blessed food and fed many homeless in San Francisco in the past in Dolores Park after our Ocha ceremonies (where someone becomes a Santero or Santera, a priest)  but because of circumstance of moving far away from my Ile (place of congregation) and the diet my body feels happiest at , we my Orisha's and I had to make some changes.

Something in my heart and soul is evolving and I have had talk with my Orisha's that the ebbos and offerings for their help and guidance in my life will be different then before, that is for this time being, no blood for them and things have been going smoother and better with them then previously. This has been accepted so far.

She and I  figure these shared dreams is our close connection or some sort of Astral work. We have a strong feeling that these dreams are very important, but not being formally initiated into Voodou, I can only look through the lens of what my initiated Mambo friend's  have shared and my own initiations in Ocha.  What do they mean?  Could an Elder enlighten us? 
In any case I am glad to be a part of healing a friend! 

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